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In any home or office building, consistent and even heating and cooling can be a challenge, mainly because the thermostat that registers the temperature and controls operation of the furnace, air conditioner, and blower is located in a single place. The result is buildings with offices that are uncomfortably warm or cold and homes with at least one room that is never an optimum temperature.

Wright Heating & Cooling can help with zoning and temperature control systems that give you the tools to evenly heat or cool any space and save you money in the process.

Save money with zone heating in Kent Ohio

Our zone heating systems from Wright Heating & Cooling work with your existing HVAC, utilizing your ducts to control temperatures in designated zones. Remote sensors are placed in each room or zone to monitor the temperature and a signal is sent through a main control board to motorized dampers. The user sets temperatures in each zone via a programmable thermostat and the system balances temperatures across each zone by opening and closing the dampers as needed.

Our team works with you to determine if your HVAC system will be compatible or if upgrades may be needed to the ductwork and other equipment. Most homeowners find the cost of upgrades is worth it for the comfort and are quickly paid for with the money saved by not overheating or overcooling spaces. Programmable thermostats and zoning also help homeowners save on energy costs by setting appropriate temperatures in rooms that are not used, have their homes comfortable upon arriving home from work, and keep temperatures more moderate at night.

Efficient heating and cooling in Stow Ohio

Ductless systems also provide opportunity for zoned comfort in spaces not connected to existing ductwork. Click here to learn more about ductless systems from Wright Heating & Cooling.

Smart thermostats take zoned heating and temperature control a step further by connecting your HVAC to the internet and letting you control the heat in every zone in your home using your phone or tablet. Click here for details.

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