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Additional HVAC Services

At Wright Heating & Cooling, we are available for all your HVAC needs. Contact us for any of the following services:

Sheet Metal Fabrication

We provide custom ductwork for new construction or for your upgrade of your existing home. Don’t risk inefficient heating and cooling or damage to your furnace or air conditioner by using old ducts and ventilation that is leaky, inferior, or not compatible with new equipment. Our sheet metal fabrication service provides ducts and pipes designed to exactly fit your needs so you get maximum benefits from your duct system.

Duct repair and Maintenance

Your HVAC system cannot operate at its best if ducts are blocked, leaking, or damaged. Our technicians provide expert inspection, cleaning, and maintenance as well as repairs as needed for ducts and vents. Rely on our team to keep your ducts free from blockage due to debris or rodent infestations and to ensure your airflow is clean and clear. Our service includes sealing holes, correcting separated seams, and replacement of damaged sections of ducts or pipes.

Oil to Gas Conversion

Homeowners who choose to make the change from oil to gas for their heating fuel source agree the upfront cost is worth it and quickly paid for in fuel savings and convenience. Natural gas is clean and provides an endless supply of fuel without the need for a tank and delivery services. The Wright Heating team has the expertise to convert your home to natural gas, ensuring you never run out of fuel and providing the option for upgrades to high efficiency heating as well as other gas-powered appliances.

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